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    Ünlü Döküm was founded by Mr. Muzaffer ÜNLÜ at 1988 on 1.500 m2 closed area. Until 1999 served to Turkish Industry and Trade with assorted productions. As of 1999, Ünlü espoused a mechanized production purpose which reducing manpower. Ünlü Döküm increased the closed area to 3.500 m2 in 2005.
 2011. There are various lathes, bohrwerks, milling machines necessary equipments in our machine shop. We also have Ø 2.5 diameter vertical lathe to make many kinds of machining jobs.
You can directly contact us and by the way we will purvey liaison offices in future. Continous renovator and tech -savvy Ünlü Döküm, decidedly maintain its way for becoming an indispensable partner in casting industry of Turkish Manufacturers.

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